Commission Workshop 2017


The ICA Commission for Education and Training, Maps and the Internet, and Ubiquitous Mapping are organizing a joint meeting prior to the ICC 2017 meeting.

Location: The campus of William and Mary University in Williamsburg, VA USA
Date: Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 1 Map Coding Event
Presenters will lead map coding sessions. Participants can bring a laptop and work through coding problems with the presenters.

Day 2 Research Presentations
Presentation topics will center on the fields of Cartographic Education, Web Cartography, Internet Mapping, and Ubiquitous Mapping. We encourage individuals to present on their latest research, both completed and in progress. Students and Early Career Faculty and Professional are encouraged to present their work.

TSubmission deadline: April 30th 2017

Where can I direct my Questions?
Please email the workshop organizer Rex G. Cammack