ICA-CET workshop at AutoCarto 2020 May 19th

Cartographic and Geospatial Information Education: from Classroom to Anywhere

Conventionally, cartography has been mostly taught in classrooms with lectures and exercises, aiming to enhancing peoples’ map reading capabilities and map making skills. Nowadays, the general public has access to the wide spread of web map services, navigation apps on smart phones and open source software and datasets at no cost. Background knowledge of students entering professional training on cartography today is very different from those ten years ago. The body of knowledge for cartography and GIS has been transforming continuously by incorporating new ideas from applications and interdisciplinary research. Suites of online courses incorporate some of the new concepts and technologies and make teaching cartography and GIS more flexible and practical. Educators have been conducting reflections on these changes, which can be observed from publications in many conferences and journals. 

This workshop serves as a forum to share the latest practices and insights on cartographic and GIS education in a rapidly changing landscape. The topics can include but limited to new course contents, curricular design, incorporation of online courses, education resources using open source software and datasets, teaching experience to non-specialists.

Please use the AutoCarto 2020 template and contact the organizers for submissions and detailed information.

Tao Wang, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, wangt@cnu.edu.cn
Terje Midtbø, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, terjem@ntnu.no
Duration: 90–100 minutes (~6 presenters)
Participants: We expect 20–30 attendees to join the session.

CET Beijing workshop report and CET sessions and activities at ICC’2019 in Tokyo

The ICA Commission on Education and Training, following a highly successful pre-conference workshop in Beijing, China, 11-12 July 2019 (for more details see CET Beijing workshop report), is looking forward to your participation in the 29th International Cartographic Conference taking place in Tokyo this week.  The following sessions and activities are drawn to your attention: we hope for your participation in these events.

A. Conference presentation sessions:

  • Wednesday 17 July 08:30-10:20 T07-1 Educational resources, Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building
  • Wednesday 17 July 10:50-12:10 T07-2 Educational concepts Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building
  • Wednesday 17 July 14:50-16:10 T07-3 Cartographic topics for wider audiences, Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building
  • Wednesday 17 July 16:40-18:00 T07-4 Cartographic education supporting specific activities Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building
  • Thursday 18 July 08:30-10:20 T07-5 Cartographic topics for the classroom Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building
  • Thursday 18 July 10:50-12:10 T07-6 Educational approaches for cartography Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building

Educational issues form the subject matter of a number of other sessions and papers, and also appear in the poster venues: you are encouraged to support all our colleagues who are presenting on these important topics dealing with education and training.

B. Commission business meeting:

Adding to our busy Wednesday, the Commission’s business meeting is scheduled for 12:10-13:30 in the Venus Room, main Miraikan conference building.  Although this will report on the work of the Commission, past and future, I would like the main focus of this business meeting to be on open discussion about the way the Commission, and ICA, goes forward with the development of a Body of Knowledge.  Your participation in this meeting would be much appreciated.


ICA-CET workshop ‘Geospatial and cartographic education – contemporary challenges and opportunities’

Geospatial and cartographic education – contemporary challenges and opportunities

The next workshop of the ICA Commission on Education and Training will take place at

Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, Wednesday 10 July to Friday 12 July 2019.

Scheduled to allow for attendees to travel on to the International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo, Japan, the following week, this workshop will address a range of issues related to education in the discipline of cartography and related fields.  The suggested topics include the following:

  • Integrating cartographic principles into GIS curricula
  • Linking cartographic education with education in other geomatics and geospatial sciences
  • Experiences in teaching cartography and GIS to non-specialists
  • Technical support requirements for academic education in cartography and GIS
  • Use of open source software and datasets in geospatial and cartographic education
  • Theoretical foundations for the study of cartography
  • Curriculum design for GIS and cartographic education
  • Development of a ‘Body of Knowledge’ for cartography
  • Developing on-line educational resources for cartography and GIS
  • Ensuring relevance of geospatial and cartographic education for industry – what do employers want from graduates in cartography and GIS?
  • Accreditation and professional recognition of education in cartography and GIS

You are encouraged to consider contributing presentations on these and other relevant issues in Beijing.  The intention is that there will be opportunities to deliver full oral presentations, suitable for publication, relating to research and experiences.  After discussion, the submission of such presentations to the International Journal of Cartography will be advised.

A significant proportion of the programme will consist of shorter more informal contributions, including posters, to allow for effective discussion and knowledge-transfer.  The scope of attendance will be international, and good practice, experiences, and advice will be communicated (the workshop language is English) in formal presentation, discussion sessions, and learning workshops.

The venue, Capital Normal University, is in the west of central Beijing, close to the Central Television Tower and Beijing Zoo.  This University area has many hotels close by, is well-connected to the city’s transport links, and is an ideal location for academic, technical and touristic activities. 

You will have the opportunity to submit contributions and ideas through the commission website: https://education.icaci.org/commission-workshop-2019-beijing/

Further announcements of the workshop will be made on this website, and distributed in other relevant channels about note advice on travel and accommodation opportunities. If you wish to be updated personally, please register your interest by informing the Commission chair, david.fairbairn@newcastle.ac.uk  who will also be pleased to receive expressions of interest in contributing to the workshop and developing the agenda further.


Tao Wang, Local Organiser, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China
David Fairbairn, CET Chair, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Stefan Peters, CET Vice-Chair, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

ICC 2019 Tokyo 15-20 July

ICC 2019 Tokyo 15-20 July

The ICA Commission on Education and Training (CET) encourages commission members to consider submitting papers on education and training topics for inclusion in the programme of the International Cartographic Conference (ICC2019) in Tokyo, Japan, 15-20 July 2019.  As in previous ICCs, dedicated sessions addressing such themes are scheduled for this conference, and your participation, as presenter and/or attendee is most welcome.  The revised deadlines and other information about submissions are noted at http://www.icc2019.org/papers.html

The conference will also include our regular business meeting of the Commission, at which the plan for the 2019-2023 period will be discussed, and a new Chair of the Commission will be proposed.  If you have any views to contribute to the meeting, any input to potential terms of reference of the new Commission, and a willingness to engage with the management (including chairing of the Commission), please communicate with the current Chair and/or attend the business meeting which will be clearly noted in the programme.  We look forward to meeting with you in Tokyo.  Please also note the separate announcement of our pre-conference workshop in Beijing, China, 10 – 12 July 2019: you are strongly encouraged to meet with us for a valuable meeting on your way to Tokyo!

David Fairbairn (david.fairbairn@newcastle.ac.uk), Chair of CET