Education material

The following list intents to provide available training workshops and online education material to gain basic as well as advanced cartographic skills.


Hereinafter you will find a collection of Cartography related education resources in English language. These include books and online available lectures as well as tutorials. We can’t list everything, but tried to provide a comprehensive list in order to distribute relevant and up-to-date education material.

Basic Cartography – useful literature (selection)

  • Krygier J, Wood D(2011). Making maps: a visual guide to map design for GIS. Guilford Press.
  • Slocum TA (2009). Thematic cartography and geovisualization. Prentice hall.
  • Brewer CA, ESRI Press (2006). Designing better maps: A guide for GIS users.
  • Longley P (2005). Geographic information systems and science. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Kraak MJ, Ormeling F (2002). Cartography: Visualization of Spatial Data. Prentice Hall.
  • Anson RW, Ormeling F (1996). Basic cartography for students and technicians. Vol. 1-3. Butterworth-Heinemann.
  • Robinson AH, Morrison JL, Muehrcke PC, Kimerling AJ, Guptill SC (1995). Elements of Cartography, 6th edition, Wyley.
  • Wood D (1992). The Power of Maps. New York/London: The Guilford Press.
  • Monmonier M (1991). How to Lie with Maps. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • De Smith MJ, Goodchild MJ, Longley P (2007/2015). Geospatial analysis: a comprehensive guide to principles, techniques and software tools. Troubador Publishing Ltd.
    web version:

Useful online resources for Cartography & GIS theory and tutorials

Further presentation slides can be found at: (e.g. using “cartography” in the search field)

GIS and Mapping software

Open source GIS and Mapping software

Useful interactive Web Mapping tools/ JavaScript libraries / CMS etc.

Geographic data – online available

You may find further advanced/specific material on the webpage of other ICA commissions.
In case you would like to recommend further education material resources please contact the commission chairs.