AutoCarto 2022 Workshop: Future Education of Cartography and GIS – What Is Next?

Geospatial information technologies have been playing an increasingly more important role in smart cities and smart society at large. GIS data sources become a lot more diverse as technologies in remote sensing, social media, and the internet of things advance rapidly. Artificial intelligence algorithms are transforming spatio-temporal analysis in classical and new GIS applications. New geovisualization technology embraces novel instruments in Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality.

Meanwhile, professional cartography and GIS training in higher education institutes is transforming at a different pace comparatively. Educators are gradually incorporating knowledge frontiers generated in industries and neighboring disciplines into cartographic and GIS teaching, in which the landscape of Body of Knowledge for cartography and GIS evolves. At this moment, it is crucial for educators in universities and other organizations to speculate about and share their experiences in exposing students and users to new knowledge.

Together with the AutoCarto 2022, the 24th International Research Symposium on cartography and GIScience, the ICA Commission on Education and Training and the ICA Working Group on the Cartographic Body of Knowledge are organizing an workshop on "Future Education of Cartography and GIS: What Is Next?", November 1, 2022, on the Esri campus in Redlands, California.

This workshop serves as a forum for participants to share their latest practices and insights on cartographic and GIS education. The topics can include but are not limited to new course contents connecting classical and new technologies, curricular design of geospatial programs, body of knowledge for cartography and GIS, open textbooks and courses incorporating online resources, open-source software, and datasets facilitating teaching.

You are warmly welcome to express your interest of presentation and participation in this workshop by contacting the organizers (, and

Tao Wang, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China (
Terje Midtbø, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway (

ICA Commission on Education and Training (
ICA Working Group on the Cartographic Body of Knowledge (

Delivery mode: Hybrid
Length: 3 hours

Note: If you cannot attend AutoCarto 2022 but want to participate in this workshop virtually, please contact the organizers directly via email.