Pre-ICC2021 CET workshop

The ICA Commission on Education and Training is organizing an online workshop “Challenges and Opportunities of Cartography and GIS Education: in the Classroom and in the Cloud”

When: Thursday, October 28, 2021, Time: 12.30 – 16.30 GMT 


Workshop Programme (download as programme.pdf)

Session 1, Sustainable Geospatial Education and Resources
Chair: Tao Wang, 12:30-13:20 GMT
  S1-1: Geospatial Enabled Sustainable Development Goals and Education
    Yu Feng Luo, UNESCO Beijing Office
  S1-2: Mapping for a Sustainable World – Open Education (abstract)
    Menno-Jan Kraak, University of Twente, Robert E. Roth, Britta Ricker, Ayako Kagawa, Guillaume LeSourd
  S1-3: China National Knowledge Infrastructure and Education
    Zi Ting Gao, CNKI
Session 2, Theoretical Foundations for Teaching and Learning of Cartography 
Chair: David Fairbairn, 13:20-14:05 GMT
  S2-1: Living Structure as a New Concept for Cartography (abstract, video)
    Bin Jiang, University of Gävle
  S2-2: Catch Them Young: Engaging Children with Maps and Mapping (abstract, slides)
    Peter Vujakovic, Canterbury Christ Church University, Paula Owens, Stephen Scoffham 
  S2-3: Development of the International Schools of Cartographic Thought from an Educational Perspective (abstract)
    Olesia Ignateva, University of Twente, Menno-Jan Kraak
Session 3, Course Design and Practices in Cartography and GIS Education
Chair: Georg Gartner, 14:05-15:15 GMT
  S3-1: Basic Problem of Teaching about Map Projections (abstract, slides)
    Miljenko Lapaine, University of Zagreb
  S3-2: Cartography: an Online Open Course (abstract, slides)
    Yi Long, Xiao Yan Liu, Nanjing Normal University, 
  S3-3: Application of Blended Learning in Course of C++ Programming (abstract, slides)
    Vladimir Zablotskii, Bauman Moscow State Technical University/Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography
  S3-4: Teaching Cartography and GIS During Covid-19 Pandemic in Polish Universities (abstract)
    MaƂgorzata Wieczorek, University of Wroclaw
  S3-5: Teaching GIS in English in a Chinese University (abstract, slides)
    Tao Wang, Capital Normal University
Session 4, Resilient Curriculum for Cartography and GIS Education
Chair: László Zentai, 15:15-16:00 GMT
  S4-1: Experiences of a Pandemic Affected International M.Sc. Semester (abstract)
    Georg Gartner, Vienna University of Technology, Wangshu Wang
  S4-2: Reinventing Roles: the New paradigms in Geoinformation Teaching and Research in Social Isolation and the Experiences of the Postgraduate Programme in Geodetic Sciences at UFPR-Brazil (abstract)
    Silvana Philippi Camboim, Federal University of Parana, Andréa F. Andrade, M. A. Reolon Schmidt
  S4-3: GIS Education in Nepal in a Challenging Era (abstract)
    Umesh Bhurtyal, Kathmandu University
Session 5, Career Images Cartographers Draw
Chair: Terje Midtbø, 16:00-16:45 GMT
  S5-1: IT’S OK TO BE A CARTOGRAPHER! (abstract)
    Georg Gartner, Vienna University of Technology
    As a full professor for Cartography at Technische Universität Wien, Austria, Georg is a former president of the ICA, Dean of Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation, and Vice-President of the Austrian Society for Surveying and Geoinformation (OVG). He is co-founder of the International Master programme on Cartography. He has worked specifically on questions related to the transformation of cartographic knowledge and applications into modern settings, such as Location-based Services and Web Mapping.
    László Zentai, Eötvös Loránd University
    As a full professor of Cartography and Geoinformation, László is a Vice-President of the ICA, Director of the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Vice-Rector of ELTE Eötvös Loránd University and was Vice-Dean for Scientific and International Affairs. He is a Council member of the International Orienteering Federation. He has worked on computer cartography, digital atlases, relief representation, topographic and orienteering maps, education and training in cartography.
  S5-3: Panel Discussion on Academic Career
    All Participants, from the World


Selected contributions will be published in a special issue with the Journal of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science.