Cartography and Geospatial Information Education Theories and Practices, Special Issue

Journal of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science
Volume 5 Issue 3
September, 2022

Future Education of Cartography and GIS: What Is Next?

Proliferation of Cartographic Education in the Age of Big Data
Liqiu MENG

A New Kind of GeoInformatics Built on Living Structure and on the Third View of Space

Approximately Conformal, Equivalent and Equidistant Map Projections
Miljenko LAPAINE,Nedjeljko FRANČULA

Underpinning Aspects of Developing a Cartographic Curriculum

Exploring the Innovative Teaching Mode of Geomatics Based on the Teaching Cloud Platform
Hongrui ZHAO,Yiting CAO,Xuchun LIU

Exploration and Application of Ubiquitous Mapping in Engineering Practice Courses in the Intelligence Age
Wei LI,Xukang XIE,Haowen YAN,Van Der Meijde MARK,Lulu LIU,Qianwen WANG,Pengcheng GAO,Hongyuan YU

The Dialectical Relationship between “Changing” and “Unchanging” in GIS Practice Teaching in the Social Transition Period
Huihui FENG,Wei WANG,Bin ZOU