The ICA Commission on Education and Training acts as a forum to maintain an overview of cartographic and geospatial education worldwide; to deliver presentations, papers, workshops and contributions to other programmes, which focus on educational material in the subject of cartography and geospatial information science & technology; and to investigate and report on technologies, concepts and methods of educational and training courses. The CET webpage serves as a depository of records for such information.


The ToR collectively addresses the three basic functions of the CET:

  • To monitor educational provision in the field of cartography and geospatial information science and technology (GIS&T)
  • To advise on and to deliver educational material in varying areas
  • To consider the impact of generic research and experiences in education at all levels

In more detail the ToR of the CET involve:

  • • To organize and deliver workshops and sessions in ICCs (and online, eLearning alternatives), possibly in conjunction with other ICA Commissions, with committees on education of sister societies and other international bodies, to incorporate latest research findings into teaching and learning materials, introducing, in particular, knowledge transfer to developing member nations of ICA, and further to promote CET as an academic research community of cartographic and geospatial teaching.
  • To organize training and capacity building seminars and summer schools, particularly engaging early career faculty members, with an emphasis on learning from those ICA member nations which have been successful in expanding cartographic and geospatial education into various application scenarios and motivate international collaboration among higher learning institutions.
  • To maintain a website for commission’s news update, a membership database and teaching materials of cartographic and geospatial education, including bibliography, free geospatial datasets, software tools and case studies, which can be used or adapted by cartographic, geospatial and geographic educators at different levels.
  • To support the ICA efforts of developing a Body of Knowledge (BoK) for cartography, which could be used for developing contemporary educational programmes and encouraging the creation of specific cartographic modules with valid and viable learning outcomes.
  • To organize a special issue of a specific academic journal or edited book to publish best practices and findings of cartographic and geospatial education research.